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Faculty, Staff and Student Travel Registry

Pace's travel registry is for Pace faculty, staff, and students participating on non-credit-bearing programs abroad - to register their University-related international travel. 

Whether you are faculty/staff travelling to do research, attend conferences, recruit students, or are on sabbatical from Pace - or if you're a Pace student participating on a non-academic program abroad - the information you provide (your itinerary and emergency contacts) will help Pace account for your well-being and provide assistance in the event of an emergency. Please register your travel before departure via this secure electronic platform. In an emergency (e.g., natural disasters, civil unrest, etc.), this travel registry serves as a conduit to inform Pace staff and faculty travelling about important information. 

Pace mandates that participants going abroad purchase a Pace-arranged international travel insurance plan to cover them for the duration of their program abroad at a rate of $63 per month. When you register your travel, Education Abroad will enroll you in the insurance. The policy provides emergency medical coverage, remote mental health counseling services, security and emergency medical evacuation, lost or delayed luggage, and more. Read more about coverage and find the policy benefits here.

Click here to register your University-related travel, using your Pace login. Key in your destination if you don't see it on the drop-down options.

COVID-19: With the U.S. federal government’s ending of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration on May 11, 2023, the University has adjusted its COVID-19 guidance; the vaccine mandate is no longer in effect. However, Pace strongly recommends that all staff continue to follow CDC guidelines for vaccination -- which recommend that everyone be up to date with flu shots and COVID-19 vaccines including booster doses. ​
Travel Resources via the "PACE SAFE" app​

There's a feature on Pace's app that's dedicated to travel abroad, where you can: How to find it: