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Below is a list of Pace Faculty-Led programs. Faculty-led programs are Pace semester courses taught and led by Pace professors, with a study abroad component during January, Spring break, or Summer. Please check back regularly since programs are updated each semester.
Featured Programs
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(FALL) Brussels & London: International Marketing MAR 356/680Q, Lubin Field Study Brussels, Belgium; London, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall Description: Fall '23 course with January '24 travel, This Lubin Field Study marketing course looks at the effects of European integration and culture on marketing activities in Europe, the marketing activities of US firms in the EU, and the future of the [...]
(FALL) Costa Rica: ENG 223F, Writing About Cultures La Fortuna, Costa Rica; Samara, Costa Rica
Terms: Fall Description: Fall '23 course with January '24 travel, Students will develop the intellectual tools to look deeply into another culture, society, or group and to understand the way their own cultural contexts create their ideas about the world. Possib le[...]
(FALL) Costa Rica: NUR 395/HSC 395/NUR 600, College of Health Professions Winter Break Monteverde, Costa Rica
Terms: Fall Description: Spring '24 course w/ Spring Break '24 travel, This CHP program is organized by The Monteverde Institute (MVI) in Monteverde, Costa Rica. It features lectures on the Costa Rican healthcare system, prenatal nutrition and pregnancy practice s,[...]
(FALL) Cuba: Economics & Anthropology Learning Community Havana, Cuba
Terms: Fall Description:
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(FALL) Italy: EDU 296Q or 696Q Following the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy
Terms: Fall Description: Fall '23 course with January '24 travel, Follow in the footsteps of early European educational thinkers by exploring their educational philosophies in the European context. Visit Italian cultural relics, listen to lectures provided by It alian[...]
(FALL) Singapore & Malaysia: MAR356G/MAR680T, Intl Marketing, Lubin Field Study Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore, Singapore
Terms: Fall Description:
(FALL) South Africa: FIN 360/680V International Finance, Lubin Field Study Cape Town, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa
Terms: Fall Description:
(FALL) ¡Cuba Hoy! History, Culture, & Education Havana, Cuba; Matanzas, Cuba
Terms: Fall Description:
(SPRING) Denmark & Sweden: MAR 356 or MAR 680H, International Marketing Lubin Field Study Copenhagen, Denmark; stockholm, Sweden
Terms: Spring Description: Spring '24 course w/ Summer '24 travel, This Lubin Field Studies course looks at the effects of sustainability and European Union integration on marketing activities in Scandinavian countries (Denmark and Sweden). Students will meet with [...]
(SPRING) Ecuador: TCH 296Z/EDU 696Z, Ecuador with a Cause: Service Learning & Cultural Program Olon, Ecuador; Quito, Ecuador
Terms: Spring Description: Spring '24 course w/ July '24 travel, Integrate civic engagement and service with cultural immersion and study abroad in Ecuador. The course consists of two components: (1) tutoring elementary children in a rural Ecuadorian sch ool (tutoring[...]
(SPRING) Greece: MAT 102/MAT 296I, Mathematics for Life Athens, Greece; Delphi, Greece
Terms: Spring Description: Spring '24 course w/ May '24 travel, Through a multi-day visit to Athens, Delphi, and a day trip to the Greek Isles, students will apply foundational math content to show real-world models of mathematics through site visits to famous lan dmarks[...]
(SPRING) Oxford: PAA 644/665/681, Contemporary Conflict & Change, Seminar in Government Management Oxford, United Kingdom
Terms: Spring Description: Spring '24 course w/ July '24 travel, Study conflict and change and its impact on public service in the United Kingdom. With a new King ascending the throne after the death of England's longest serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth, [...]
(SPRING) Rome, The Eternal City: INT 197G & RES 101 Rome, Italy
Terms: Spring Description: Spring '24 course w/ Summer '24 travel, This 6-credit course brings to life the significant sites of history, art, architecture, religion, and culture of the ancient city of Rome — the center of the fabled [...]
(SPRING) Spain: MCA 655, Producing the Documentary Cordoba, Spain
Terms: Spring Description: Spring '24 course w/ Spring Break '24 travel, Learn about documentary filmmaking by creating, interviewing, filming, editing, and producing a groundbreaking documentary series as you travel the world. Every student has a role in preprodu ction,[...]
(SPRING) Zanzibar, Tanzania: PAGE 397/EDG 649P, Devising Theatre for Social Change Zanzibar, Tanzania
Terms: Spring Description: Spring '24 course w/ Summer '24 travel, Students will use theatre-based techniques as tools for social change in international communities.The course will provide an introductory training in non-profit Global Empowerment Theatre's de vising[...]
(SUMMER) Italy: Foodcultureology in Florence, CHP MS Nutrition & Dietetics Florence, Italy
Terms: Spring Description: Summer '24 course & travel, This course brings an opportunity for CHP MS Nutrition & Dietetics students to examine the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle through expert-led presentations and culinary workshops.