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Below is a list of Pace Faculty-Led programs. Faculty-led programs are Pace semester courses taught and led by Pace professors, with a study abroad component during January, Spring break, or Summer. Please check back regularly since programs are updated each semester.
Featured Programs
Featured Program
Brussels & London: International Marketing MAR 356/MAR 600, Lubin Field Study Brussels, Belgium; London, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall Description: Fall 2021 course with January 2022 travel, This Lubin Field Study marketing course looks at the effects of European integration and culture on marketing activities in Europe, the marketing activities of US firms in the EU, and the future of the Europ ean[...]
Costa Rica: ENG223F, Writing About Cultures Samara, Costa Rica
Terms: Fall Description: Fall 2021 course with January 2022 travel, Students will develop the intellectual tools to look deeply into another culture, society, or group and to understand the way their own cultural contexts create their ideas about the world. Possible exp eriences[...]
India: International Clinical Rotation for NUR350 Child Health Nursing Delhi, India
Terms: Fall Description: Fall 2022 course with January 2023 travel, Learn about the challenges of providing adequate healthcare to rural, low-income populations, with 68% of India’s population living in rural areas. The focus will be on primary care services& nbsp;and[...]
India: PSY296K/PSY651O Understanding a Globalized World; or NUR299 Cross-Cultural Study: Health Care Delivery Systems Hyderabad, India
Terms: January Intersession Description: January Intersession course with January 2022 travel, Through the lens of globalization, the course will explore the many ways in which the world has changed, created new challenges for individuals and societies, and the challenge of conducting [...]
Italy: EDU296Q or 696Q Following the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy
Terms: Fall Description: Fall 2021 course with January 2022 travel, Follow in the footsteps of early European educational thinkers by exploring their educational philosophies in the European context. Visit Italian cultural relics, listen to lectures provided by Italian [...]