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Program search results
Program search results
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India: Psychology PSY 296K or 651O Understanding a Globalized World; or NUR 299 Cross Cultural Study: Health Care Delivery Systems hyderabad India Asia
China: Management MGT 347B or MGT 630 or INB 670A Lubin Field Study Beijing China Asia
Shanghai China Asia
China: ACC675 International Accounting, Lubin Field Study Beijing China Asia
Shanghai China Asia
Costa Rica: LIT212F: Global Crossings: Gathering Oral Histories Monteverde Costa Rica Central America
Samara Costa Rica Central America
Costa Rica: College Health Professions, CSD, HS, and NUR 395 Spring Break Monteverde Costa Rica Central America
Costa Rica: BIO301 Tropical Ecosystem Assessment Boca Tapada Costa Rica Central America
San Jose Costa Rica Central America
Costa Rica: ENG223F Writing About Cultures Samara Costa Rica Central America
Alicante, Spain - SPA101/102 Alicante Spain Europe
Italy: Education EDU296Q or 696Q Following the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Tuscania Italy Europe
Berlin: MGT345/INB670E European Business Management Berlin Germany Europe
Rome, The Eternal City: INT197G/RES101 Rome Italy Europe
Brussels & London: Marketing MAR 356 Lubin Field Study Brussels Belgium Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Greece: LIT 211Y The Modern Odyssey Athens Greece Europe
Copenhagen & Stockholm: Marketing MAR356 or MAR680H Lubin Field Study Copenhagen Denmark Europe
stockholm Sweden Europe
Oxford: PAA644 Seminar in Government Management: Local Government in the UK Oxford United Kingdom Europe
Germany & The Netherlands: Performing Arts PAGE271, Cultural Theater Experience Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Berlin Germany Europe
Bochum Germany Europe
Essen Germany Europe
Hawaii: MCA 254/655 Producing the Documentary- Living on the Edge in Paradise Hilo United States North America
Argentina and Chile: International Finance Field Study Buenos Aires Argentina South America
Santiago Chile South America
Ecuador: EDU 696E/TCH 296E, Ecuador with a Cause: Service Learning & Cultural Program Olon Ecuador South America
Quito Ecuador South America